When I found out that to become an SEO Specialist needs to have writing skills. I eventually signed up for freelance writing in wfhr.io website. I’m so eager to find out how to make a good article that follows SEO rules and guidelines. To become an SEO content writer is not easy. It takes courage and creativity to become one. my experience in this field is that I’m only a newbie SEO writer. I encounter a lot of failures that I know would lead me to success.many successful SEO writers starts with failures and struggles for their first steps and that doesn’t give them any reason to stop hence, it keeps them going to achieve their dream.They are so resilient that every time they fail their mindset didn’t change to stay motivated to help them focus on what to do next and looking back was all about the experience. I have a little bit of this kind of attitude but I wanted to enhance this to reach my dream and get what I want in the future. I admit I always come late in my working hours. I sometimes do work for 2 hours late that makes myself so lazy but the good thing in this kind of work is that this is flexible time schedule meaning I can work anytime what I want as long as I finish the task. Many times I got to come late is that I always watched tv that got me wrong with deciding if go to work or just watch tv for hours.being lazy is also a good thing it keep you relaxed and enjoying life every day but if you want to change in your life you need to go out and make some decisions. I, myself is trying to reach my future and become an SEO writer.


In my writing experience, I always felt I couldn’t do it because I experience negative thoughts like it too hard, impossible, it’s not that easy to write but I can say also this time I have hope by doing this kind of job for myself. I would like to help myself that nothing can block my mental creativity towards writing by practicing and writing anything that could enhance my writing skills and also have my mind in place for preparation of many opportunities. I’m looking forward to the projects. As a writer, I know at first its difficult to find a client but once I have established my work I think I will receive more works ahead. I offer this to God for He is the right One to be praised. Lastly, I want myself to be mentally focused on writing. why? because I’m dying to find a job that would help me reach my dream and that is to become an SEO Specialist. I know I can reach that dream its a matter of when it will come, but as that time isn’t happening yet I’ll prepare myself and make lots of writing sample to become one of the finest online writer.