halo-halo is one of Filipino desserts that are usually made with crushed ice, milk, kaong, sago, banana, camote, beans, ice cream and leche flan.this is regularly served on a hot summer day to ease the hot weather and get chilled. most people eat halo-halo because they want the creaminess, sweetness, and coldness of the food. The color of this amazing food is very unique where it kinda look like a rainbow when served. This kind of food cools your hot summer. in some area, there are some desserts called mais con yelo. It’s made with crushed ice, corn, and milk. It’s so amazing, it is like halo-halo that can chill your body when you eat it. I’m getting one right now and it just happens my halo-halo is already served to me. I will eat now and be a good halo-halo eater.