I have been doing this for 4 years by going out to a restaurant and eat. ever since before I could buy and eat in a restaurant that I loved, I’m pretty sure I get full stomach when done.


I like to go to Mang Inasal where I sometimes order pecho with iced tea, leche flan, and sinigang soup. I’m so full after I eat because of unlimited rice that brought, of course, a lot of rice. It’s like eat all you kan,on(rice). The service of the restaurant is amazing. They serve the food for about 15 minutes after ordering and that’s a good service4 for me.


Jollibee is one of lovely restaurant I’m visiting whenever I got my allowance. I treat myself for being a good boy and for the record I have never tried smoking and drinking for 3 years now and I’m doing my best not to be tempted by anybody or anything that would lead me back to where I was before. There was a time when iIcome to this restaurant that I feel like younger again. It kinda remember my childhood memories whenever I’m sad. I bet many Filipinos were happy when they remember their childhood days. I love to go to this restaurant because it is for family and friends also not just for kids a heart. They serve chicken joy, macaroni soup, spaghetti, and much more that is delicious and affordable to your pocket. When the time comes and I grow old. I surely gonna miss this place where I always eat.


In terms of diet food and vegetable meals, I always come and visit Taipan Restaurant. I love to go to this restaurant because of beautiful people who serves the food and also the food is delicious. This is a chinese restaurant the serves Chinese food that is fresh. My favorite meal to eat is fried hito, birds nest soup, and Taipan rice. It’s all affordable and meets your expectations like getting a full stomach. no wonder I got so big weighing 91.5 kilos by now.


I love to go to this restaurant and eat Japanese food. yup, you read it well Japanese food. actually, this is our favorite Japanese restaurant. my mom and I usually went to yurushi jap[anese restaurant for at least twice a month and been satisfied with their food for years. we like to order gyudon beef, club house, miso soup and for mom uyakudon only. she doesn’t eat a huge amount of food I don’t know why. she probably is on a diet. I love to go to this restaurant and eat because in terms of Japanese food this restaurant serves delicious and affordable Japanese food.

So I think that’s it. That’s what drives me food crazy, I love to go to these restaurants and eat.