The time has come, to tell the truth.It’s meaning is more defined as what team wins this NBA Finals 2017. I bet Golden State Warriors will take home the crown and bring back glory to its hometown. I think that if Kevin Durant didn’t sign up for Warriors this year they would probably be eliminated by San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs have so many guns that could destroy Warriors even with Kevin Durant the Warriors are having trouble beating up Spurs because of Khawai Leonard, but then things changed when Khawai Leonard injures his right ankle and couldn’t play anymore and the Warriors stayed up and beat the Spurs. On the other side, Lebron James and the Cavaliers move up to eastern conference finals where they battle up with Boston Celtics. Cleveland made 4-1 to go up to NBA Finals 2017.

As the finals came many people arguing each other of which team that they want to become the champion. Me, I wanted Golden State Warriors. Why? because of Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is unstoppable in court. He can make 30 points in a game that’s like Michael Jordan when he was playing during 90’s. Kevin Durant can make blocks and can defend Lebron James’ inside layup. This 2017 NBA Final is different from last years finals. It is more intense and exciting because this is the trilogy of Cavs and Warriors.

Game 1 started and Warrior’s home court. Warriors dominate the game and who else made many shots? It’s Kevin Durant, of course, I told you he is unstoppable from 3’s and ones. It ended with Warriors a 12 point lead game.

Game 2 started and still Warriors home court. Still, the game was entirely Warriors and Kevin Durant made 33 points. I think in the next game Cavs has to change their strategy to win the game. The next game that is game 3 is Cavaliers home court.


Cavaliers home court but I didn’t see changes my team (Warriors) still dominating the first half even though Lebron James doing it so hard trying to score. Lebron has 27 points in the first half while the super team leads the game 67-61. Reaching 3Q was the game so intense that each team(Warriors) tried 7-0 runs but then the other team(Cavs) comes back and took a point deficit. In the 4Q Lebron James took the game he made assists and shots but Kevin Durant’s 3 point shot lead the Warriors by 1. As the clock running out Cleveland didn’t score and Warriors beat Cavs 118-113.

Game 4:

the Cavs dominate the game. I wasn’t able to finish watching the game because I know Cavs are winning the game.

Game 5:


Cleveland at Warriors. the most exciting game for the Warriors fans in the world because Cavs was trailed by 3-1 game. Many were expecting Warriors will take the crown and actually, they did it. Warriors are the 2016-2017 NBA Champions and Kevin Durant (my man) is the MVP. Celebrating championship at home. Good season for the Cavs.